The Game

The Game is now live for all of our Twitch subscribers. All subs who have access to our Discord channel can now join our new game. Remember, subscribing one time allows lifetime access to the Discord channel! This game takes place within our discord channel where players can join by using the "!insertCoin" command in the #general channel. This will prompt a private message conversation with the Halliday bot (inspired by Earnest Cline's Ready Player One). This private message conversation is where players can communicate with Halliday to request the riddles or submit answers. A full list of commands will be listed below, however, players can use the "!rules" command to prompt a response from Halliday for an explanation of the game's operation.

When starting the game players will be prompted with the first riddle. Riddles are based on source material listed for players by using the !source command. Upon submitting the correct answer their achievement will be posted on the #scoreboard channel for all other participants to see. The player will then be awarded the "Copper Controller" role and unlock access to the second riddle. The first player to answer the third and final riddle will be awarded the "Crystal Controller" role and will be contacted by the channel admin to receive a special prize.


  • !rules - Provides the rules of the game.
  • !source - Provides the source material from which the riddles were composed.
  • !riddle - Returns players current riddle.
  • !answer <insert answer> - Means of submitting possible answers to the riddles. If incorrect Halliday will respond with "Incorrect".